Current Webinar and Workshop Series

NASH is pleased to present a series of webinars and workshops on new research, technologies, and best practices related to water science and hydrometric data. Whether you’re interested in water for personal or professional reasons, there is something here for you!

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2024 Webinar and Workshop Schedule  


Webinar and Workshop Title Date
Salt Dilution Hydrometric Workshop, Kelowna, BC – Registration Open March 12, 2024  
Introduction to Hydrometrics and Flow Regatta, Saskatoon, SK  June 20 & 21, 2024


Salt Dilution Hydrometric Workshop, Kelowna, BC 

Date: March 12, 2024

Time: 09:00 AM – 17:00 PM

Place: Kelowna, BC (More details coming)

Full event details and registration here:

Salt Dilution Hydrometric Monitoring Course Syllabus


Hydrology studies provide insights into the processes of rivers and lakes and aid water managers in decision making. Understanding the basics of hydrometrics is key to understanding the dynamic hydrological water cycle. This hands-on course is designed to help both the novice and qualified professionals understand measurement techniques for dilution discharge gauging and develop best practices. 


The emphasis of this course is on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) used in dilution discharge monitoring of hydrometric data. The course will focus on the slug injection/mass balance method. Participants will follow the field and office requirements of the RISC Manual of British Columbia Hydrometric Standards to achieve a “Best Practices” BP rating. We will further grade comparison measurements into Grade A, Grade B, Grade C, and Grade U.  Other methods of measurement such as ADV will be used to compare to the dilution measurement for validation.

Emphasis during the workshop will be given to the following topics:

  • Site selection for injection and probe placement;  
  • Dilution gauging theory and equation break-down;
  • Dosing requirements based on channel morphology; 
  • Salt dilution data computations, uncertainty determination, and data grading;
  • Fathom Scientific “Q comp” calculation demo for incomplete mixing and challenging sites;
  • Hydraulic control, C, a (pzf) and n values;
  • Point of zero flow and thalweg;
  • Pool/Glide/Riffle/Run stream features characterization;
  • 2𝜋 multiplied by the natural channel width theory;
  • Downstream influencing factors such as culverts, side channels, groundwater, confluences; 
  • Urban vs. rural considerations; and
  • Field calibrations of temperature compensated electrical conductivity (CFT) coefficient for mass balance method.

This course will be conducted on Tuesday, March 12, 2024. Location details are forthcoming but will be in the general Kelowna Area.


Introduction to Hydrometric Monitoring and Flow Regatta, Saskatoon, SK

Date: June 20 & 21, 2024

Time: 09:00 AM – 17:00 PM

Place: South Saskatchewan River at Saskatoon Hydrometric Station

Full event details and registration here:


NASH is pleased to announce it will be hosting a Flow Regatta Workshop event on the South Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon.  The two-day event will take place on Thursday June 20th and Friday June 21st , 2024.  

This two-day event will start with an “Introduction to Hydrometric Data Collection” session on the morning of Thursday June 20th at the South Saskatchewan River at Saskatoon hydrometric station.  Thursday afternoon will consist of a “Flow Regatta” where discharge measurements will be taken in the vicinity of the gauge. On Friday June 21st the session will consist of a classroom QA/QC review of the discharge measurements conducted on Thursday.  The workshop will conclude with a tour to the South Saskatchewan East Water Supply (SSEWS) Canal System in the afternoon.   

June 20th – The “Introduction to Hydrometric Data Collection” workshop will be conducted at the South Saskatchewan River at Saskatoon gauging station from 9:00 to 12:30. The session will highlight the considerations required for a robust stream gauge installation, water level data acquisition, benchmark and datum considerations, and collection of flow measurements using a variety of techniques.  

“Flow Regatta” event will take place at South Saskatchewan River from 13:00 to 17:00  on Thursday. The training event focuses on the newest technologies emerging in hydrometrics and allows participants the opportunity to get hands-on training and develop their best practices.

June 21st – Participants will view data collected in a meeting room at the Holiday Inn downtown Saskatoon. The discharge measurements will be reviewed in the classroom and a QA/QC of the collected data including considerations on grading their quality appropriately. A tour to a modern and efficiently designed hydrometric station at the SSEWS canal system near Blackstrap Saskatchewan will conclude the workshop. Discussion will center around design and installation.  


Cam MacDonald, of the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency (WSA).  

Derek Brzoza, of Northwest Hydraulic Consultants.

Special guest ADCP expert, facilitator from SonTek (YSI Incorporated).

Training will be provided on hydro acoustic instruments and non contact measurements including image velocimetry and surface velocity radars. 

Flow regatta training provides an invaluable discussion forum for hydrometric data collection including; how to estimate uncertainty, choosing the best sites to measure discharge using the different methods, and developing best practices for emerging technologies. For those interested in non-contact gauging we will be further researching and providing training on the standardized alpha velocity determination plus our event sponsors will be on hand demonstrating their latest data loggers, hydrometric equipment, and telemetry options. 

Participants are encouraged to bring their own instruments to measure and calculate discharge against the Water Survey of Canada rating curve on the South Saskatchewan River at Saskatoon.  Participants will battle it out for top prize and bragging rights as they aim to measure, within uncertainty, the objectively determined “true” flow. 

Packed/catered lunches will be provided on both days. Transportation is available upon request. Please bring weather appropriate clothing and waders. 

NASH is planning a networking event with our colleagues on Thursday night, June 20th at a TBD location in downtown Saskatoon. We encourage you to come celebrate with our event sponsors and fellow members and participants of the NASH workshop and regatta. 

The 9:00-start time at Saskatoon; meet-up location is the parking lot for the boat launch near the Kiwanis Memorial Park

The cost of the event is $200 and includes both days of the event.  All levels of hydrometric experience and knowledge are welcome to attend! We will accommodate participants who would like to take part in only one of the event days at a reduced cost. 

Previous Webinar and Workshop Schedule

Webinar and Workshop Title Date
Introduction to Hydrometric Monitoring and Flow Regatta, Halifax, NS  June 18 & 22, 2023
Flow Regatta Training Event, Lethbridge, AB  July 12, 2023 
ADCP Training Event, Richmond, BC October, 2023